Destination Harrogate – January Update

by John McGivern, Destination Events Manager

The arrival of a new year always seems to bring about an expectation of change. “Out with the old and in with the new”, so the familiar saying goes – but with the calendar page having turned to 2023 we’re embracing an exciting combination of new activities and the return of cherished favourites. In exploring new potential, whilst re-adopting tried and tested strategies for success, we can look forward to a great year as we continue our work to boost the Harrogate district’s visitor economy for the benefit of all.

Something new on the menu for 2023 is Visit Harrogate’s first Restaurant Week, taking place from 6th – 10th February. “Food heaven” forms one of our seven visitor economy pillars – the foundations upon which we’re growing our visitor economy – with excellent food and drink a central element of the Harrogate district’s visitor experience. Through focusing on our tourism strengths – those features which make the visitor experience in our destination feel so unique – we’re showcasing our best stories to attract more visitors and to set us apart from our competitors.

The initiative also supports our commitment to sustainable tourism, encouraging visits during those times of the year when, traditionally, visitor numbers have been lower. Spreading visitor footfall across the year not only lowers impact to the environment, it offers new opportunities to our local businesses, and great deals to our visitors and residents alike. While it may be new to Harrogate district, Restaurant Week is not a new idea, it’s a popular format that has been successful in driving business in many towns and cities across the UK, including Leeds and York.

Businesses taking part in Restaurant Week commit to offering set-price menus throughout the week, at one of four fixed price points. Each of the businesses taking part, and their offers, are featured on the Visit Harrogate Restaurant Week page of and across our promotional channels. It’s a great opportunity for individual restaurants to boost awareness of their business, attract new customers and create regular repeat customers. While visitors to those restaurants are able to try new things – new places, new menus, perhaps even new food – with “try something new” a key message in our health and wellbeing promotions for the new year.

There’s still time to get involved in Visit Harrogate Restaurant Week 2023. If you have a restaurant business in the Harrogate district and a listing on the Visit Harrogate website, you’re eligible to take part. If you’re not already listed on, you can apply for a Directory level listing free of charge for the first time of participation – find out more.

And if we’ve whet your appetite and you’re thinking ahead to the great opportunities you’ll have to sample some of the delicious food on offer at the restaurants on your doorstep, check out the official Visit Harrogate Restaurant Week Page. You might even find a new place to celebrate Valentine’s, or Mother’s Day. Either way it’s food for thought…

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