Visit Harrogate Website Partnership is our established tourism website that covers all aspects of the visitor experience across our glorious part of Yorkshire.

The website presents individual listings in three different ways of answering the visitor query, which we describe simply as ‘What’, ‘Where’ & ‘Why’.

This allows us to address all the queries and interests that motivate people to research a destination, and through that ensure returns at the top of search engine results for hundreds of search terms.


This is the traditional way of presenting the visitor offer, dividing into business sectors of Accommodation, “Things to do“, “Food and Drink“, “Shopping” and “Events” – with subpages that detail the smaller definitions such as, “Hotels”, “Restaurants”, “Historic Houses”, “Live Music Events


These pages cater to visitors interested in, or looking for information specifically relating to one of our six destinations eg “Ripon”, “Harrogate”, “Masham” etc, with subpages that break the information into sectors.  Eg “Things to do in Ripon”, “Shopping in Pateley Bridge”, “Food and drink in Knaresborough” and  “Places to stay in Harrogate”.


These pages relate to visitor’s motivations that might be a hobby, a personal preference or some other circumstance.  Examples of these pages are “Cycle friendly accommodation”, “Fine Dining”, “Dog friendly attractions”, “Embrace the outdoors” …

These pages also include editorial content such as blogs, top-tens and itineraries, specifically designed to inspire and attract potential visitors considering a short break where their motivations will inspire their choice of destination.

Your listing options

When your business is listed on Visit Harrogate, we use it to illustrate the breadth of offer across each of these categories by including your listing on each of the pages to which it is relevant.

Visitors will find your business through their own unique journey, by either searching online or coming directly to the website and following their interests and being inspired.

Directory Listings

  • These listings are a way for any visitor-facing business to be listed on, they are included in pages under What and Where as detailed above.
  • Directory listings will not be included or directly linked from Why content, though we may link to the page on which they appear.
  • We do not charge for Directory level listings, and you can sign up for a directory listing by completing this form.

Marketing listings

  • These listings are a way for visitor-facing businesses to be part of the visitor experience we create on the Visit Harrogate website and that we share across our digital channels.
  • In addition to the “What” and “Where” pages, Marketing listings are also included in the “Why” content outlined above that we share not only on the website but also across social media, newsletters and PR activity.
  • Marketing listings always appear above Directory listings.
  • Marketing listings have more features than directory listings such as maps, website links and more images.
  • There are three tiers of Marketing listing- Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • For more information on our website listing levels please see our Partnership Pack

To ensure a complete representation of what makes our destination so special, we also include over 100 reference listings, these are for informational purposes only and include car parks, walks, landmarks and points of interest.

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