Destination Harrogate is proud to support Project Yorkshire: A Playground Like No Other – a new film that highlights Yorkshire as a first choice destination to visit and in which to live, work and invest.

Launched on 1st August – Yorkshire Day – 2022, the film, narrated by Sean Bean, spearheads a year-long campaign by award-winning Yorkshire filmmakers Scott Elliott and Sid Sadowsky to boost tourism, inspire investors and showcase the best of the region.

The post-pandemic film not only features Yorkshire’s breath-taking beauty spots and popular tourist attractions, but also draws attention to the region’s wider economy and investment potential, highlighting thriving and emerging industry sectors from creative, digital and tech to agriculture, retail and hospitality to manufacturing, healthcare innovation and life sciences.

Using the hashtag #ShareItForYorkshire the aim is that the video will go viral, bringing the story of Yorkshire to a global audience with a strategy that – in Scott and Sid’s own words – “rips up the rule book on destination marketing”.

Watch the full film and don’t forget to share!

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